Why Buying Gold Is a Good Idea in 2018

Buying gold is a good idea in 2018 for investors not only looking to protect their wealth, but to also grow it.

According to Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth, the price of gold will rally significantly next year. He expects gold prices to hit $1,350 by late February 2018. But it’s nothing compared to his 2020 gold price target.

Everyone knows that gold is an excellent hedge during times of uncertainty and political turmoil.

Events like North Korea’s recent missile testing and the continuing controversies in Washington drove the price of gold from $1,150 to as high as $1,350 in September of this year.

Since then, gold has fallen back down to $1,273, as Bitcoin-mania gripped markets. But Bitcoin’s 32% tumble in the second half of December reinforces the case for why Bitcoin is not at all a hedge like gold.

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