Where Are the Yachts of the Investors?

Dear Reader,

An out-of-town visitor, ears a-perk and eyes a-pop, signs onto a bus tour of New York City…

The tour concludes at the downtown waterfront, just down the holler from the Financial District.

The nautical estates of the 1% bob in the easy swells off Lower Manhattan.

“Here are the yachts of our bankers and stockbrokers,” gloats the tour guide, beaming with local pride.

Then comes the priceless response of our out-of-town visitor:

“And where are the yachts of the investors?”

Indeed, where are the yachts of the investors?

Our own Alan Knuckman, for one, demands a square answer

Alan is an expert hand with over two decades navigating the markets treacherous shoals.

Hes a traders trader… and a force of the trading world.

Alan began clerking on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) some 25 years ago.

Through brains and sweat he shimmied the ranks, from runner, phone clerk, broker all the way to professional trader.

The journey from clerk to floor trader has given Alan a Ph.D.-level education in markets.

Hes seen all done all knows which closets house skeletons where bodies lie buried.

So hes pursued hard by the financial media.

Alan regularly appears on major financial news outlets like CNN, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Network, CNN, Sky News and CNBC.

But Alans tired and sick of the Wall Street racket that puts bankers and brokers in yachts… and everyday investors in steerage:

As someone who didnt grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, I knew it wasnt fair for the insiders to get richer while the rest feed on the table scraps in the markets. That single fact ate away at me year after year.

Now Alans out to set things right for the average investor.

You see, begins Alan, weve all suspected that Wall Street was rigged against everyday investors.

But its worse than we thought, he howls.

Alan cites evidence from the University of Southern California…

That research shows corporate insiders often give family and friends valuable market intelligence on upcoming events.

These events run from mergers and acquisitions to the results of clinical drug trials regulatory announcements earnings results, etc.

The conspirators then place trades based on that information

After analyzing 1,139 of these cases, the USC research concluded:

Insiders earn substantial returns by trading in advance of specific corporate events.

According to Alan, research shows that the average return was a thumping 34.9%.

And thats over an average of just 21 trading days.

The same research also shows these insiders made off with a median $72,000 per trade.

Pretty handsome.

Meantime, the everyday investor goes scratching.

Does that seem fair to you? thunders Alan.

Answering his own question: Of course not!

So Alans out to break the insiders iron grip even if it means breaking some china in the process.

Hes taken his talents and put them in the service of the everyday investor.

Alan pokes his snout into obscure crannies of the markets… and sniffs out pearls for his readers.

Of 11 closed positions in Alans portfolio right now, all 11 ended in the green, for combined gains of over 700%.

Given Alans record, we expect more of the same (go here to learn how you can take advantage of Alans trading expertise).

We wish Alan well in his ongoing mission to break Wall Streets monopoly… for it is our own mission.

Where are the yachts of the investors?

Hopefully due to Alans trading talents, one day soon well be able to point to the yacht of a Daily Reckoning reader or two…

Who knows maybe even yours…

Below, Alan shows you his five top predictions for 2018. What is Alans outlook for stocks for oil the dollar and Trumps infrastructure plan? Read on.

Happy New Year,

Brian Maher
Managing editor,The Daily Reckoning

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