Use These Trades To Make Extra Income Today

Today’s issue of StreetAuthority Daily is a special one.

If you read last week’s issue, then you remember how we discussed Amber’s unique approach to earning extra income in the market. All told, Amber and her followers are earning about $568 a week and scoring winning trades about 90.5% of the time. (You can read that issue here.)

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We received a lot of feedback from readers about that issue, and some are investors who have already jumped on board with Amber’s strategy. And they’re ALREADY making hundreds — in some cases thousands — in extra income right off the bat.

Now let me be clear about something… Many of you know this strategy involves selling put options. Last week’s issue touched on why that should absolutely not be an issue for any investor who understands how to use them properly. The truth is, it is absolutely possible to both play it safe AND earn thousands in extra income each month, thanks to Amber’s unique strategy.

So the goal with this issue is simple. I want you to see just how powerful this strategy can be — and I’m going to do it by offering you some free trades. That way, you can start earning more income by using Amber’s strategy as soon as possible, and regardless of whether you choose to give Amber’s premium service a risk-free trial.

We think it’s that important.

If you’ve been a StreetAuthority Daily subscriber for a while, then you know we don’t typically do this. But as a special follow-up to last week’s issue, I’ve made arrangements to offer some fresh bonus trades. That means if you’re already familiar with how Amber’s strategy works, then you can use these trades today.

Remember, it’s our job to tell you about impactful ways to grow your wealth. And Amber’s strategy (and her 90.5% success rate) is one of the most powerful ways of earning extra income that we’ve ever seen. That’s why she’s guaranteeing it will work for you, as we explained last week.

You certainly won’t hear about strategies like this in the mainstream financial media. So it’s my hope that after reading last week’s issue and this week’s issue, we will have removed any obstacles in your way to earning the kind of income so many of her followers are every week. (By the way, if all of this is old hat and you simply want to learn more about Amber’s premium service and get trades sent straight to your inbox every week, you can go here.)

With all that said, let’s get started…

Bonus Trades You Can Make Immediately

Look, I know that might have been a lot to process, but this is the light at the end of the tunnel. Time for the fun part!

Keep in mind, these aren’t official Income Trader recommendations. These are bonus trades that Amber sends to her subscribers at the end of each week. These trades are identified by Amber’s Income Trader Volatility (ITV) indicator, which we’ve discussed in these pages before.

Amber recommends that you should research the companies on this list on your own to be sure the trades fit your risk profile.

This Week’s Top Candidates

Option & Expiration Date Bid/Ask Midpoint 20% Margin Return (Margin) Ann. Return Probability Expire Worthless Earnings Date
DECK Jan 65 PutsJan. 19, 2018 $0.55 $1,300 4.2% 42.9% 92% Jan. 1 – Feb. 5
DDS Jan 47.50 PutsJan. 19, 2018 $0.42 $950 4.4% 44.8% 88% Feb. 19-23
XPO Jan 70 PutsJan. 19, 2018 $0.62 $1,400 4.4% 44.9% 85% Feb. 19-23

While each trade will be different, Amber emphasizes keeping a few things in mind. First, remember to use limit orders for your trade to ensure you get the best possible price.

Second, these trades went out in Friday’s issue of Income Trader. This means it’s on you to determine whether or not prices have moved against the trade since then.

Also, if the trade moves sharply against you, be prepared to cut your losses with a “buy to close” order if you’re not prepared to own the stock outright. (Hey, nobody has a perfect batting average, although Amber’s 90.5% win-rate is pretty damn close.)

And lastly, since these trades do not contain the normal in-depth analysis in regular issues of Income Trader, we’ve provided the probability that the option will expire worthless (for the initiated, you know that’s a good thing).

Closing Thoughts
If you found any of this beneficial, then by all means, keep the feedback coming. We love getting your emails and hearing about all the success stories. It’s what makes our job worth it.

And if you’d like to get more trades like this, then consider joining Amber and her Income Trader subscribers for more trades. As I explained last week, Amber’s subscribers are averaging $568 a week with these trades — and you could earn even more. Once you’re all set up, it’ll only take you about seven minutes on each Friday to execute these trades. That’s all it takes. But you’ll want to act fast… I have it on good authority that the price for Income Trader will be going up in 2018.

To hear more from Amber and learn about her personal guarantee to all new Income Trader subscribers, go here.

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