Top Medical Stocks To Own Right Now

2016 was a painful year for Illumina’s (NASDAQ:ILMN) investors. Shares of the genomic-sequencing company dropped by more than 29% during the year in response to disappointing quarterly results. Will the company be able to right the ship in 2017? Here are three reasons to believe that the answer is yes.

Image source: Illumina.

New partnerships could open doors

Illumina recently announced that it has joined forces with Royal Philips NV and IBMin an effort to make processing and analyzing genomics data easier. While these deals are still quite new, they promise to open doors and advance the use of genomic testing in ways that Illumina could never do on its own.

I’m particularly excited about the potential of the IBM partnership. Interpreting genetic data is a massively complex undertaking, but IBM’s Watson appears to be up to the challenge. IBM has been investing in Watson for years, and it has become quite adept at pattern recognition. The two companies believe that Watson will be able to quickly comb through thousands of scientific articles, medical books, and clinical trials in order to quickly create standardized reports.

Top Medical Stocks To Own Right Now: Vical Incorporated(VICL)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Vical Incorporated (NASDAQ: VICL) shares dropped 22 percent to $3.01 after the company disclosed that its Phase 2 trial did not meet primary endpoint.

Top Medical Stocks To Own Right Now: Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. (AJRD)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By William Patalon III]

    We first recommended Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AJRD) in the Feb. 22, 2013, special briefing “If This Stock Doubles, Thank North Korea.”

  • [By William Patalon III]

    So is Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AJRD), the rocket-engine specialist Lockheed has tapped to help develop the “scramjet” engines that will push the Son of Blackbird to six times the speed of sound.

  • [By Rich Smith]

    While Trump’s nuclear tweet appears to have taken some folks off guard, the fact is that the U.S. has been planning a major upgrade and refurbishmentof its nuclear arsenal for quite some time — since at least the early years of the second Obama administration, in fact. As far back as three years ago, we were writing about a U.S. Air Force effort to begin upgrading the nation’s aging fleet of Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles — a contract that Aerojet Rocketdyne (NYSE:AJRD), among others, is counting on to juice its rocket revenues. Rival rocket scientist Orbital ATK (NYSE:OA) is bidding on the same contract, and whether it’s Aerojet or Orbital that eventually ends up winning this piece of the nuclear rearmament project, there should be money aplenty to go around.

  • [By Lisa Levin]


    DBV Technologies SA – ADR (NASDAQ: DBVT) shares tumbled 50.6 percent to $23.73 after the company disclosed that its peanut allergy trial failed to meet primary endpoint.
    Connecture Inc (NASDAQ: CNXR) shares declined 40.8 percent to $0.290. Connecture reported that it will voluntarily delist from the NASDAQ for OTCQX Market.
    Walter Investment Management Corp (NYSE: WAC) slipped 19.2 percent to $0.410. On Friday, Walter Investment Management disclosed that it has reached an agreement with term lenders and senior noteholders on financial restructuring.
    Eldorado Gold Corp (USA) (NYSE: EGO) shares dropped 15.9 percent to $1.83. Eldorado Gold lowered its production guidance for its Kisladag operation.
    Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHIP) shares fell 15.4 percent to $1.04.
    Future Fintech Group Inc (NASDAQ: FTFT) dropped 13.6 percent to $1.53. Future FinTech reported filing of proxy statement, including proposal for corporate restructuring.
    Concordia International Corp (NASDAQ: CXRX) shares fell 12.3 percent to $0.500 after dipping 38.71 percent on Friday.
    Aemetis Inc (NASDAQ: AMTX) shares declined 11.3 percent to $0.550
    OncoSec Medical Inc (NASDAQ: ONCS) dipped 10.5 percent to $1.12. OncoSec reported a $7.1 million registered direct at-the-market offering at a price of $1.34375 per share.
    Evoke Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: EVOK) shares fell 10.35 percent to $3.08 after the company disclosed 'positive' topline results from comparative exposure pharmacokinetic study for Gimoti.
    Eiger Biopharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: EIGR) shares dropped 9.4 percent to $11.60 as the company disclosed Phase 2 interim 24-week data with pegylated interferon lambda in Hepatitis Delta Virus infection at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases Meeting.
    Viking Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: VKTX) shares slipped 6.6 percent to $2.80. Viking Therapeutics presented results from proof-of-concept study of VK0214 in in vivo

  • [By Jim Robertson]

    Small cap rocket stockAerojet Rocketdyne Holdings (NYSE: AJRD) had ended last week almost 20% higher albeit shares are slipping in early trading this morning. Small cap Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, formerly GenCorp, Inc,is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader that provides propulsion and energetics to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments areas, in support of domestic and international markets. Starting out in 1915 as General Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio, todayAR Holdings’ is headquartered in California with businesses that include Aerojet Rocketdyne and Easton Real Estate at facilities across the United States and in Europe.

Top Medical Stocks To Own Right Now: (LVMUY)

Advisors’ Opinion:


    (Incidentally, the operating structure and history of growth through smart acquisitions and management is a reminiscent story behind the rise of Bernard Arnault and The Arnault Family Group, which is the majority controlling shareholder in LVMH Mo毛t Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.E. (OTCPK:LVMUY) and Christian Dior SE in the ultra-luxury goods industry.)

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