This Genius Made a Killing on the 2008 Housing Crash; Now He’s All In on Cannabis

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Greg MillerGreg Miller

“The Big Short” refers to a now-classic play by legendary investor Danny Moses and just a few others who made an unthinkable sum of money shorting the sick, sick U.S. subprime mortgage market at a time when just about everyone else was enthusiastically buying into their financial doom.

A call like the “Big Short” takes real vision – and real guts.

So when I caught Danny on CNBC’s “Fast Money,” I was instantly intrigued.

He was talking about cannabis stocks… and he wasn’t in the mood to do much shorting.

Quite the contrary: Danny was essentially laying out the case for a “Big Long” in our favorite sector.

He thinks there’s more money to be made in marijuana than there ever was shorting housing.

Let me tell you why I’m so excited Danny Moses is in the picture; it has huge implications for our model cannabis portfolios…

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Greg MillerGreg Miller

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During his career there, he became an expert in just about every kind of publicly traded security – from blue-chip and small-cap stocks to municipals, junk bonds, and derivatives. As a portfolio manager, Greg was responsible for over $500 million of assets in mutual funds and insurance company accounts.

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