The Truth Behind Central Banks’ Machinations

Shah GilaniShah Gilani

Editor’s Note: It’s expected the Fed will hike rates at its final meeting of 2017. That could be good for savers and retirees but as Shah first revealed a couple years back, your financial and economic wellbeing aren’t the Fed’s primary mandate. Take a look…

Central bankers aren’t stalwart free market shepherds, although that’s how they cloak themselves.

The truth is they’re more like wolves… communist wolves in sheep’s clothing. Today I’m going to show you what their game really is.

Then I’m going to show you how we’ll fight back…

The Central Bankers’RealGame

Central banks aren’t free market enthusiasts.

Sure, they may profess doing “God’s work,” saving free markets from the excesses to which they’re prone. But that’s utter rubbish – or worse.

Central banks are run by central bankers. Central bankers are bankers, and bankers are wolves, not shepherds.

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It’s just not true that central banks are public-spirited entities shepherding the public from predatory packs of profiteering pimps and panderers. In fact, they are the ultimate example of wolves guarding the proverbial henhouse. Here’s why.

Every central bank has a mandate. It is to serve and protect banks and bankers who leverage themselves and lend in excess in order to reap greater profits – and too often need bailing out before they collapse.

Central banks don’t lend to companies or people. They only lend to banks. That’s what they exist to do. What’s amazing is how central banks are able to lend to banks. They have their governments’ green light to simply print money and give it to their bank “constituents.”

Sure, sometimes it looks like there are government forces controlling central banks, but the fact that the U.S. Congress still cannot auditthe Federal Reserve (despite a strong desire to do so on the part of many leading legislators) – shows how that’s all part of the grand facade for the sake of fooling the public.

Central banks can print money and give it to banks because they have a standing deal with the governments that are supposed to somehow control them.

Here’s the Deal

Governments – meaning the people in power, who want to stay in power – don’t want to tax their citizens to pay for the all the stuff they give them to buy their loyalty and votes. And they don’t have to, because central banks print the money governments need.

Of course, it’s not the government’s fault if there’s too much money printed and it leads to inflation. That’s the fault of central banks printing too much money. Bad bankers!

Of course, it’s not the government’s fault if there’s not enough money printed and there’s deflation. That’s the fault of central banks not printing enough money. Bad bankers!

Here’s a look right through that wool that’s been pulled over the public’s eyes…

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Shah GilaniShah Gilani

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