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Top Warren Buffett Stocks To Watch Right Now

Our favorite holding period is forever. — Warren Buffett

Forever is an awfully long time. Heck, the average holding period for stocks isn’t even one year anymore, since the advent of online trading, computer-driven high-speed trading, and steadily falling brokerage costs. But even with so much of a shift toward short-term trading, the most-effective way for individual investors to get the best returns remains the simplest: Buy great companies and hold them as long as possible. 

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Top 10 Stocks To Buy For 2019

Calavo Growers, Inc. (NASDAQ:CVGW), which I’ve dubbed a “tiny, mighty dividend stock,” reported fiscal second-quarter 2018 earnings on June 6. How has this dynamic avocado market specialist fared so far in its fiscal year? Let’s dive into the quarter’s details after first walking through headline numbers directly below.

Calavo: The raw numbers

Metric Q2 2018 Q2 2017 Year-Over-Year Growth

Revenue $264.4 million $270.2 million (2.1%)
Net income  $14.2 million $12.9 million 11.5%
Diluted earnings per share $0.81 $0.74 9.5%


Top 10 Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2019

Legendary investor Bill Miller is the former chairman and chief investment officer of Legg Mason Capital Management. He has been named fund manager of the decade by Morningstar and ranked as the top 30 most influential people in investing by SmartMoney. Below is an edited summary of his interview with The Investor’s Podcast where he talks about determining the intrinsic value of various companies like Amazon, Apple, and Tesla Motors.

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Hot Warren Buffett Stocks To Own Right Now

On Feb. 17, 2017, the U.S. total market cap / gross domestic product ratio reached 130%, a critical milestone as valuations remain significantly overvalued. Most of Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)’s portfolio holdings as of Dec. 31, 2016, have price-sales valuations greater than the 80th percentile of the industry. Such companies include The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE:KO), International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM), Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV).

Buffett indicator reaches critical milestone

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Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2018

Jeff Greene, a billionaire real estate mogul, says he knows what will upend a stock market rally thats entering its ninth year: Higher interest rates and fiscal policy.

The inaction of anything in Washington, when there was virtually no fiscal policynothing getting donemeant that the only game in town was the [Federal Reserve], Greene told CNBC during a Monday interview. He said the Feds policy has translated into at- or near-zero-interest rate policies and $4.5 trillion on its balance sheet over the last seven or eight years. That unleashes jungle animal spirits, he said.

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