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Top Cheap Stocks To Buy Right Now

“Prepaid wireless” hasn’t always carried the best reputation. Often, what leaps to mind is less-than-stellar coverage, cheap flip phones, or consumers with lousy credit.

MetroPCS is hoping to alter what it insists is an outdated perception with a name change announced Monday, coupled with two new tiered unlimited wireless plans that feature benefits through Amazon Prime and Google One.

Beginning Oct. 8, MetroPCS becomes Metro by T-Mobile, reflecting not only that the prepaid carrier has been owned by the nation’s No. 3 wireless provider since 2013 but that its customers....More>>>

Best Clean Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Freshman Congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and veteran lawmaker Sen. Edward Markey are introducing a resolution spelling out congressional support for a Green New Deal — an ambitious plan to remake the U.S. economy and drastically reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The resolution largely sticks to a blueprint Ocasio-Cortez laid out when she proposed creating a House select committee to establish a Green New Deal. That framework called for generating 100 percent of the nation’s power from renewable sources, making all buildings energy efficient and eliminating....More>>>

Top 5 Performing Stocks To Own For 2018

Bank of America’s (NYSE:BAC) shares suddenly dropped last week, slumping ~6 percent on Tuesday as investors rushed to sell financials and take profits in stocks that have soared since the U.S. election. Republicans also don’t appear to be able to score legislative victories as easily as investors thought, which raises concerns over the sustainability of the Trump rally.

Let’s first agree that Bank of America has been a very good investment already in the last several months, but especially over the last year. Believe it or not, but an investment in Bank of America....More>>>

Top 5 Medical Stocks To Watch For 2018

&l;p&g;&l;img class=&q;dam-image getty size-large wp-image-612287558&q; src=&q;https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/dam/imageserve/612287558/960×0.jpg?fit=scale&q; data-height=&q;640&q; data-width=&q;960&q;&g; PUEBLO, CO – September 3, 2016: A truck rushes past the LSF farm in Pueblo County, one of the only places in Colorado that allows for commercial cannabis grows outdoors, like the marijuana farm Los Sue&a;ntilde;os Farms LLC. LSF owns 36 acres of rich farmland in Pueblo County, Colorado, which it leases to four Colorado licensed retail marijuana cultivations: Farmboy LLC, Baseball....More>>>

Top 10 Bank Stocks To Watch Right Now

The Federal Reserve raised its target of the federal-funds rate, the interest rate banks charge each other for overnight loans, by a quarter point to a range of 0.75% to 1%, and thats great news for Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) and its shareholders. As a bondholder, owner of insurance companies and an investor in big banks, Berkshire profits from rising interest rates in a number of ways, says David Kass, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business who studies Buffett and is a Berkshire investor.

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