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Top 5 Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.

Investing isn’t just for the wealthy. A crop of services make it easy for savers to plant small amounts of money — like that fiver you found in the couch cushions — in the stock market.

Microinvestment apps like Acorns, Stash and Robinhood allow would-be Warren Buffetts to bypass brokerage account minimums and skip the struggle of saving up enough to invest in a mutual fund. We’re not talking about purchasing penny stocks, either, since that’s a practice more likely to make your money disappear than multiply. We’re....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Own For 2019

Oil futures saw subdued trade early Monday, threatening to give back some of the previous week’s gains ahead of a conference call between members of a committee monitoring the agreement between OPEC and non-OPEC producers on output levels.

West Texas Intermediate crude for October delivery
CLV8, +0.16%

Hot Penny Stocks To Own For 2019

The last thing you want to do in a college chemistry lab is spill a beaker full of acid and run screaming to the eyewash station. But a virtual reality laboratory safety course requires you to do just that if you hope to pass the class. Well, all but the screaming. That’s optional.

Google’s latest VR project lets college students perform “hands-on” biology experiments without stepping foot in a lab. Google (GOOG) worked with remote virtual lab company Labster to create 30 labs that require a Google Daydream or the Lenovo Mirage headsets, but no safety goggles.....More>>>

Top 5 Penny Stocks To Buy For 2019

Shares of tech giants Apple (AAPL ) and Nvidia (NVDA ) opened nearly 2% lower on Thursday after Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM ) , a key chip partner for both companies, posted lower-than-expected revenue guidance for the second quarter.

Taiwan Semiconductor said Thursday its revenue for the June quarter will likely fall in the range of $7.8 billion to $7.9 billion, lagging our consensus estimate of $8.5 billion.

“Moving into second quarter 2018, continued weak demand from our mobile sector will negatively impact our business despite strength in cryptocurrency....More>>>

Top 10 Penny Stocks To Watch For 2019

Phone interview, recorded Monday, Dec. 18, 2017. Interview edited for clarity.

Aaron Gentzler, Publisher: Ray, thanks for taking a few minutes this afternoon. First, can you tell me your biggest win of 2017?

Ray Blanco, Editor, Technology Profits Confidential, Breakthrough Technology Alert, Penny Pot Profits, FDA Trader: From a pure gain perspective, it was Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA). From a “getting in ahead of the crowd” perspective, it was probably Overstock (NASDAQ: OSTK.)

Breakthrough Technology Alert readers could’ve bought OSTK at $16.75 when I recommended it on....More>>>