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Shares of UPS (UPS) haven’t responded favorably to its earnings release–but at least one set of analysts sees UPS making life tough for FedEx (FDX) in the future. Bloomberg News UPS reported a profit of $1.43 a share, meeting analyst forecasts, on sales of 14.629 billion. Cowen’s Helane Becker and team reiterate their Market Perform rating but see opportunities for UPS to make life difficult for FedEx: We are reiterating our Market Perform rating and maintaining our $110 price target on the common shares of UPS. Our price target is based on 10.4x our 2016E EV/EBITDA (or 19.0x 2016E EPS). UPS will need to continue to invest in their European operations as competition will become fierce following FedEx’s acquisition of TNT. UPS management will also try to continue to lower their costs to serve the B2C market. B2C currently accounts for 45% of UPS’ package deliveries, and growth is 5x … Continue reading

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Delhi air pollution is the worst on earth Is the water contaminated? Is the air toxic? If the answer is yes, corporate executives are saying “no thanks.” Edward Monser, the president of Emerson, said that top recruits are increasingly unlikely to accept postings in polluted cities. “When we talk to new executives, and they go home and talk to their family, the first thing they want to understand is: Is the air and water going to be clean or not,” Monser told CNN’s Richard Quest on Sunday at the CNN Asia Business Forum in Mumbai. “They believe the job will be good, they believe the schools will be good, but they’re very concerned,” he said. “Is this going to be a long-term health issue?” Best Computer Hardware Stocks To Buy Right Now: Pacific Ethanol Inc.(PEIX) Pacific Ethanol, Inc. produces and markets low carbon renewable fuels in the United States. It … Continue reading

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Athenahealth (ATHN) last night announced that its CFO and administrative chief, Kristi Matus, would be leaving the company. Her departure has not been embraced by investors, who have pushed shares lower today. Leerink’s David Larsen understands their concerns: In our view, the CFO departure may be indicative of internal operational challenges. We still think it is possible that Kristi Matus is seeking an environment that is not as demanding as ATHN, though this has not been confirmed by management. Management harped on the point that bifurcation is part of the strategic initiative of ATHN to reenergize the culture of the company, and Jonathan Bush noted how he himself hopes to spend more time on talent and culture and less time on entering new markets and building new products. We continue to believe that ATHN is facing challenges. We continue to believe the market is fundamentally slowing and bookings growth may … Continue reading

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Smart Beta exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been around since 2003, but they’ve exploded in popularity in the past year. Several major investment product providers, including Franklin Templeton, Legg Mason, John Hancock and Goldman Sachs, have all moved recently to introduce new Smart Beta ETFs. Let’s try to understand why — and how you can use them to make big bucks in a volatile market. First, a few terms you should know: ETF: An exchange-traded fund tracks an underlying index, portfolio or commodity but trades like a security on a stock exchange. It can be bought and sold throughout the day like a stock. Beta: A statistical measure of the volatility of an individual stock (or other security, index or portfolio) versus a given benchmark, such as the S&P 500. When measuring a stock’s volatility versus the S&P 500, for example, the S&P 500 has a Beta of 1.0. If … Continue reading

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The political debate over gun control is steaming ahead, and the fear it has generated among gun owners continues to power sales and profit for Smith & Wesson (SWHC). Back in January, the gun maker company raised its expectations for fiscal third-quarter revenue and profit. Late Thursday, it beat those estimates and issued upside guidance for the current quarter. Worries about stricter gun laws will often push customers to stock up on firearms. And after climbing more than 6% today to almost $27, Smith & Wessons stock price has more than doubled over the past year. The strong sales could continue. According to analysts for Wedbush adjusted numbers tracking FBI background checks, a rough indicator of sales, rose 16% in February. While there isn’t exactly a one-to-one correlation between gun sales and NICS checks, NICS is seen as the best overall indicator of monthly gun sales. As expected, we saw … Continue reading