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Here's Why ProQR Stock Surged on Thursday

What happened

Shares of ProQR Inc. (NASDAQ:PRQR), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, soared 28% Thursday morning after announcing a new collaboration deal with Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY). Excitement for the deal cooled off in the afternoon, and the stock finished the day 12.5% higher.

So what 

Eli Lilly agreed to pay ProQR up to $1.3 billion to develop RNA editing drugs aimed at up to five separate therapeutic targets. The deal is heavily backloaded with just $50 million upfront and approximately $1.25 billion in potential milestone payments.


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1) How much can you safely withdraw? The safest option is to only withdraw earnings and not touch any of the principal but at current dividend yields and interest rates, don’t expect to get much more than about 2% of your portfolio. That’s probably not enough for most people and that number can fluctuate and....More>>>

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When it comes to stocks, share price isn’t everything. In fact, it isn’t much at all. The real question is, “What is the share price compared to what that tiny piece of the company is actually worth — or will be worth?” Unfortunately for the average retail investor, there are a raft of different formulas to measure that, and different yardsticks for each.

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Yesterday afternoon it was announced that Small Cap Network featured stock Patriot One Technologies (OTCQB: PTOTF, TSX: PAT.V) would be partnering with SENGEX Partners at the ASIS International 2017 Security Symposium in Dallas, Texas later this month. The ASIS 2017 conference program will address the most pressing priorities and issues for security management professionals. It also features notable Keynote Speakers former President George W. Bush, Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban, and Bonnie Michelman, Executive Director of Police, Security and Outside Services at Massachusetts....More>>>

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Companies hate to cut dividends. Knowing the backlash they’ll get from stockholders, many executives and board members consider it a desperate act of last resort. They will halt non-discretionary expenditures, reduce payroll and overhead, and even take on debt in order to maintain distributions.

And that’s exactly why dividend hikes send such a strong bullish signal. A company wouldn’t bump quarterly payouts to $0.60 per share from $0.50 unless it were fairly certain that incoming cash flows would be more than sufficient to cover the higher dividend, with room to spare.....More>>>