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Best Stocks To Own For 2018

Shares of Baker Hughes (BHI) had dropped 6.6% during the first three days of the week after the announcement that it would join forces with General Electric‘s (GE) oil & gas business. Today, however, they’ve rebounded, perhaps suggesting that investors are coming around to the long-term prospects of the deal. In a note released yesterday, FBR’s Thomas Curran and Mark Kelley explain what those are:

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Since October 28, 2016, as a correction in oil has stoked the latest retreat in OFS stocks,Baker Hughes has underperformed. Given that both sides....More>>>

Top 5 High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2018

On November 5, Oracle (NYSE:ORCL)confirmed that it has finally completed the acquisition of Netsuite (NYSE:N) for $9.3 billion in cash, or $109 per share that the company had initially offered. In my previous article about Oracle, I had suggested that the acquisition of NetSuite, the cloud business application software company, is a smart move by Oracle. What’s more, it is not paying an excessive price for the deal. In fact, Oracle insisted that it will not pay more than what it had first offered despite the resistance from T Rowe Price (NSDQ:TROW)which demanded $133 per share.


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One year ago, Amigobulls coveredabout the research arm of Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT), Microsoft Research, as a top-class research organization that, among other pursuits, is exploring quantum computing.

Quantum computers, which process information encoded in quantum bits – qubits – that can be in a quantum superposition of zero and one states, could process information much faster than today’s computers by exploiting subtle quantum phenomena such as quantum entanglement. Here’s why Microsoft stock may make aquantum jump in the long term due to its big bet on scalable....More>>>

Top Casino Stocks For 2018

Last week Renewable Energy & Power, Inc. (OTC PINK : RBNW ), a diversified corporation with markets in energy-saving technologies of LED lighting, solar and wind energy, announced a large San Francisco Bay Area electronic assembly corporation has approved the installation of 1,275 LED lights for their entire main campus.

This is the third such announcement in as many months by the Las Vegas based company. It got me thinking about what the company does and how LED lighting can impact a business’ bottom line as much as it contributes to reducing emissions and....More>>>