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Top Casino Stocks For 2019

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Politicians in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island have put aside moral and/or addiction concerns over gambling. Instead, they recently asked why all the gambling dollars from their citizens go to the casinos (and governments) in Connecticut and New Jersey. They responded by approving for new gaming facilities in all three states. Below, data on these actions is presented with commentary.

The Current Situation

Table 1 provides gambling revenues and how they have changed since 2007 for northeast US states,....More>>>

Best Small Cap Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Small Cap junior mining exploration stockTaranis Resources (OTCQB: TNREF; CVE: TRO.V) offers a unique opportunity to potentially profit from a several minerals as the company aggressively seeks mining properties.The Company currentlyholds a 100% interest in the Thor Ag-Au-Pb-Zn-Cu (silver-gold-lead-zinc-copper) mineral deposit located near Trout Lake in SoutheastBritish Columbia:

The Company acquired the property in 2006 from the T. Eaton Estateand the depositis locatedwithin the historic Silver Cup Mining District that includes a number of other mines, including the Silver Cup Mine and....More>>>

Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own For 2018

5 Lessons From the Life of David Noble

DOL Fiduciary Rule Hurts Now, Annuity Community Says

5 Lessons From the Life of David Noble

(Bloomberg) — The Trump White House and congressional Republicans were at odds Thursday over whether to try for another vote on changing the Affordable Care Act next week, indicating that neither side had a clear strategy for moving on one of the president’s central campaign promises.

A White House aide said President Donald Trump’s administration expects the House to vote soon after lawmakers return from recess on Tuesday,....More>>>

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2018

Patriot One is a Canadian-based technology company that has developed an advanced concealed weapons detection system that delivers real-time warnings to keep potential attackers at bay and to keep the general public safe and secure. “Using radar and machine-learning algorithms that interpret the signal that comes back, every metallic object they’re carrying will resonate with a very distinct frequency and the system has been trained to register the signature of different types of weapons,” said Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One Technologies.

The cutting-edge....More>>>


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The price of a barrel of oil hit a two-year high in reaction to Saudi Arabia's anti-corruption purge, which saw the arrest of well-known billionaire investor Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

The Analyst

Bank of America Merrill Lynch's head of global commodities Francisco Blanch.

The Strategy

Buying oil amid geopolitical risks and concerning headlines may be a mistake, Blanch said.