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ContextLogic Needs Multiple Quarterly Wins to Make It a Buy

The shining momentum for ContextLogic (NASDAQ:WISH) came and left in a hurry in June. Meme traders, where traders depicted stock buys with an image and a few words, lifted WISH stock. After ContextLogic posted results on August 12, any positive momentum all but evaporated. That is bad news for speculators, who thrive on trading volume.

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What events have hurt ContextLogic’s prospects and what will it mean for the rest of the year?

WISH Stock Hurt by Bad News

On July 2, WISH announced that its Chief Financial Officer, Rajat....More>>>

The Real Impact of Student Loan Forgiveness

As we prepare for the Jackson Hole reaction from traders… I wanted to take a moment to discuss something really important to me.

I suppose it is fitting, coincidence or irony –

I’ve never understood the distinction at times.

I took school very seriously. I think you see that each day that I’m on air. But there’s another side to the story you don’t see when the camera goes off.

After four years of aggressive student loan payments, I made the final payment on my graduate student loans on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

One day later,....More>>>

Post-Pandemic Salesforce Stock Emerges as Czar of the ‘Cloudless’ Cloud

Every large enterprise would like the hybrid cloud salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) has built for itself. CRM stock is off 3% since the start of September.

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Salesforce has its own network of data centers but it’s far from being a Cloud Czar. Over the last 12 months Salesforce’ capital spending has been just $657 million. True Cloud Czars like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) spend billions in cash flow each quarter on data centers.

But by combining public clouds with its own resources, Salesforce gives its customers the impression that....More>>>

Didi Stock Forecast for 2025: High-Risk Profit Potential

Imagine Uber, but with three times the drivers worldwide and 457 million more users – that’s Didi Global Inc. (NYSE: DIDI).

And the Didi stock forecast for 2025 looks sunny, despite some short-term hiccups. Let’s talk about why Didi could eventually dominate the global rideshare industry.

The Chinese company that hosts 15 million drivers to its 550 million users (compared to Ubers 5 million drivers and 93 million users) just went public and is an intriguing, yet risky stock.

Where Didi’s stock is risky, it certainly makes up for it in potential....More>>>

Amazon Still Has Plenty of Upside in the Post-Pandemic World

Investors had high expectations for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) stock ahead of second-quarter earnings.

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However, its results came in significantly lower than Wall Street’s consensus for revenues and earnings.

Regardless of the apparently disappointing quarter, AMZN stock remains one of the top plays in the market, with a healthy growth runway ahead.

The pandemic-fueled results in the past few quarters were bound to retreat at some stage. The company’s recent earnings were the first time it missed its....More>>>