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Top 10 Heal Care Stocks To Buy For 2019

Shares of ArQule (ARQL) have risen by over 550% since I published my initial article advising readers that there were ¨several ways to win here¨. Shares have increased by around 290% since my latest update piece was published in which I stated that the stock was presenting investors with an enticing risk/reward setup into AACR.


Figure 1: ARQL daily advanced chart (Source: Finviz)

Figure 2: ARQL 15-minute chart (Source: Finviz)

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks To Buy For 2019: Honeywell International Inc.(HON)

Advisors’ Opinion:

[By Paul Ausick]


Top 10 Performing Stocks To Invest In Right Now

&l;a href=&q;http://finapps.forbes.com/finapps/jsp/finance/compinfo/CIAtAGlance.jsp?tkr=t&a;amp;tab=searchtabquotesdark&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;AT&a;amp;T&a;rsquo;s&l;/a&g; stock has been underperforming somewhat over the last year, declining from as&a;nbsp;high as $41 in 2017 to around $32 currently on account of a mixed performance in the wireless business, headwinds in the U.S. pay-TV market and regulatory uncertainty surrounding its planned acquisition of media behemoth Time Warner. In this note, we take a look at some of the factors impacting AT&a;amp;T and what&a;rsquo;s driving our price....More>>>

Hot Performing Stocks For 2019

Source: ThinkstockFebruary 16, 2018: The S&P 500 closed relatively flat at 2,732.22. The DJIA closedrelatively flatat 25,219.31. Separately, the Nasdaq was down 0.2% at 7,239.47.

Friday was a somewhat mixed day for the U.S. markets, but it did have its ups and downs. Two of the three major indexes closed up ever so slightly on the day, after briefly dipping into the red this morning and afternoon. The Nasdaq was not lucky enough to escape the end of the day sell off. Crude oil continued its comeback in Fridays session. The S&P 500 sectors were almost entirely positive. The most....More>>>

Top 5 Tech Stocks To Own For 2019

Zacks Investment Research downgraded shares of Platform Specialty Products (NYSE:PAH) from a hold rating to a sell rating in a research report released on Wednesday morning.

According to Zacks, “Platform Specialty Products Corporation is a producer of high technology specialty chemical products as well as technical services. The company serves electronics, metal and plastic plating, graphic arts, and offshore oil production and drilling industries. Platform Specialty Products Corporation is headquartered in Miami, United States. “

Get Platform Specialty....More>>>