Star Wars Porgs: Get Ready for Porg Mania!

The new Star Wars film — The Last Jedi — is bringing with it the porgs.

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The animals are cute and adorable beings that live in Luke Skywalker’s island, described as “small, flat-muzzled avians that flock about the rocks and roost in the cliffs of Ahch-To,” according to

The animals look like the mascot of the movie, much like the role that the droid BB-8 served for The Force Awakens. And in case you were wondering, there’s already tons of porg merchandise out for children and adults to enjoy.

The porgs merch includes cufflinks, fancy blankets containing either a porg by itself or porg and Chewbacca, plenty of collectible items such as toys and plush porgs, T-shirts, hoodies and much more.

It is still unclear what role the porgs are playing in the new Star Wars film (unless you’ve seen the movie–please keep those spoilers to yourself), but some believe they could serve an important role in aiding Luke Skywalker, while others believe they could be attached to the Dark Side.

There’s no telling how far companies will go with porg items, but some have said that they have spotted LEGO porgs for people to enjoy. This move wouldn’t be surprising as LEGO has prided itself in creating brick toys that look like Star Wars characters, ships and locations.

What porg item are you hoping to buy?

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