Ray Blancos Pot Report: Your Guide to a Big Pay-Off

Changes in public sentiment and to state laws have created a tidal wave of profits for fast moving investors in pot stocks.

With the pot industry still in its infancy, many of these companies have their best days ahead of them.

If you buy into the right companies now, before the big money starts rolling in, you could stand to make six figures, or more.

Today, Ill show you a few marijuana companies that could have made you rich and then well jump into what we can expect in the coming year.

The First Round of Marijuana Millionaires

Despite the federal government’s continued regulation on marijuana, several marijuana-related companies trade on major stock exchanges.

When marijuana went legal in the U.S., shares of these trailblazing companies shot up like a rocket.

Consider the case of Abbattis Bioceuticals, a Canadian company specializing in natural health products, including one containing cannabinoids. It also sold products to help people cultivate marijuana.

Before Jan. 1, 2014, shares traded for about 2.5 cents per share. By March 21, it was trading for $2.46 a gain of 9,740%.

In other words, you could have bought 1,000 shares for just $25, and cashed out with $2,460.

There was also Fusion Pharm, another company specializing in technology that could help marijuana farmers. Its shares went as high as 2,269% after Colorados pot retailers opened for business.

These companies soared because a pair of U.S. states legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Now with states like California, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Jersey joining the legal marijuana club, I expect history to repeat itself.

The industrys biggest gains are yet to come.

Todays Marijuana Millionaire Makers

One company Im watching closely is Cara Therapeutics.

Cara is a pain management company working on the next generation of cannabinoid medicine.

Its a pure biotech play, but what makes the company so enticing is that Caras success doesnt depend on U.S. states legalizing marijuana.

Its research falls well within federal FDA regulations, so despite recent rumblings of a crackdown from D.C., Cara can continue with a business as usual approach to operations.

But theres also other good reasons to believe the companys shares will shoot higher in 2018.

The company has a number of therapies in different stages of FDA trials. Once these treatments hit the market, Cara could see a huge revenue boost.

A boost that could book major profits for investors in the near future.

If youre looking for safe pot plays ready to rip higher in the wake of new legal markets opening, look no further than cannabis focused biotechs.

Theres nothing stopping the feds from slowing their operations and many of these stocks are still very cheap to own.

These companies will benefit greatly from the U.S.s newest pot markets.

It’s the perfect time to get in and cash out for big gains with pot in 2018.

For Tomorrows Trends Today,

Ray Blanco

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