Patriot One Technologies (CVE:PAT, PTOTF) Puts Another Cornerstone in Place

The picture is getting clearer, and more bullish. The foundation is being laid, the right way. However you want to say it, the Patriot One Technologies Inc. (CVE:PAT, OTCMKTS:PTOTF) story just keeps getting better and better, with the latest chapter in the exciting saga being opened up today. The company announced this morning it had signed Kinetic Six Ltd. as a distributor of its weapons-detection technologies in the UK.

For the past few years, Patriot One Technologies has been developing a technology that it’s now calling the NForce CMR1000. In simplest terms, the CMR1000 (‘CMR’ is short for Cognitive Microwave Radar, by the way) is the combination of a metal detector and an x-ray machine, on steroids, but without all the normally-dangerous radiation associated with microwaves and x-rays. The NForce device, which is roughly the size of a shoe box, can constantly scan a moving crowd of people within two meters and not only determine the presence of a suspiciously large piece of metal, but can even determine what kind of weapon it is, and even what kind of gun a firearm may be.

It works, too. The NForce CMR1000 has a true-positive detection rate of 91.6%, and a true-negative detection rate of 94.4%, translating into overall accuracy of 93.0%.

Better yet, it’s not just a weapons detection machine – it’s a full-blown security and alert system.

Patriot One has optimized its software to enhance performance characteristics and continues to collect additional weapons “signatures” for entry into the NForce proprietary database library. This is being achieved through an extensive law enforcement network which provides controlled access to weapons collections globally. Moreover, the platform has the ability to combine a camera image of an individual as an alert is triggered, so security personnel not only know what kind of weapon is present, but who’s holding it.

Though the CMR1000 is right at home in an airport, its real strength is that it works just as well at the entrance of any building or stadium, scanning individuals who don’t need to stop and file through a scanning checkpoint one-at-a-time. It’s this level of capability – manned or unmanned – that makes the NForce CMR1000 a technology a must-have.

That’s a global must-have, by the way, as this morning’s news reminded us. The United Kingdom’s Kinetic Six will be selling the CMR1000 in its market.

It’s the perfect partner too. Kinetic Six aims to “be the leader in bespoke-to-market communications, cyber security and tracking solutions.” When corporations have technology needs, Kinetic Six is a name that frequently comes to mind.

And the anti-terrorism market in Britain is just as significant as it is in the United States… perhaps more so. The UK led all of Europe in 2015 in terms of terrorist attacks, and though 2016 was a relatively uneventful year, that arguably only makes it a bigger target for violence.

Whatever the case, it’s another reason to expect big things from PTOTF, now that it’s assembling an overseas sales force to address the global $117 billion anti-terrorism market.

For more on Patriot One Technologies, visit the company website here.

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