On Dec. 18, You Could Have the Chance to Become a Millionaire. Here’s How…

Money Morning Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research Michael A. Robinson’s research could make you a millionaire – and his track record proves it.

His work as a consultant, senior advisor, and board member for myriad Silicon Valley venture capital firms has placed him at the center of several major tech innovations used to revolutionize the auto industry, the $160 billion a year cloud computing industry, and the latest cyber military technologies.

He’s also a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and reporter, lauded by the Columbia Journalism Review for his aggressive style. He’s worked for Defense Media Network and Signal Magazine, as well as The New York Times, American Enterprise, and The Wall Street Journal.

He’s a regular guest on CNBC’s “The Rundown” and Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” and his status as a leading tech analyst has even landed him on Larry King’s syndicated radio show.

Since launching his service, Radical Technology Profits, he’s delivered total winning gains of 10,309%. And that 10,309% includes both his current open recommendations and the partial closeouts.

And the chance at more gains is far from over.

Michael’s focused on a new opportunity: an earth-shattering congressional mandate that could make you a millionaire on Dec. 18, 2017.

As a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran and one of the top technology financial analysts working today, he’s never seen anything like this.

Here’s everything you need to know…

These Devices Could Be Your Ticket to Millions

Your next million-dollar wealth opportunity is centered around a quantum leap forward in automotive safety technology: ADC devices.

“Augmented Digital Co-Pilot” – or “ADC” – devices can create a virtual perimeter around you (and your vehicle) that extends out 20 miles in diameter.

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