Major News to Spark Huge Growth in Cannabis

It’s been a banner year for the pot industry.

New public sentiment on pot, medical breakthroughs, legalization, and huge fortunes…

The list could goes on and on with ways pot has stolen the headlines.

The future of pot in the U.S. and abroad, as a commoditized and regulated industry, is looking very bright.

And very lucrative.

It’s almost easy to forget that not long ago cannabis was a vilified substance.

But, in an incredibly short amount of time marijuana has rebranded itself completely.

Instead of stoney hippies, when you think of the pot industry today, the images of high quality laboratories, politicians, and venture capitalists come to mind.

Its one of the most successful rebrandings of a product ever seen.

Now that marijuana has completely revamped its image the big bucks are flowing.

Today we look at some of the most recent marijuana news set to move the needle in 2018.

Huge Loophole Opportunity in California

A recently discovered loophole in Californias marijuana laws means non-residents could open and conduct business in the state.

According to Marijuana Business Daily:

The states new medical and recreational marijuana programs dont have a residency requirement a fact that could attract droves of out-of-state entrepreneurs to California and revive memories of the 1849 Gold Rush.

This discovery represents a huge opportunity for the California pot industry. As we already know California is ready to welcome legal recreational pot on Jan. 1 just days away.

The process for non-resident operated businesses will not necessarily be easy, but those willing to go through the regulatory red tape will gain access to a booming market.

Barriers to entry will be determined on the local municipality level, and while lawmakers foresee some protectionism in larger markets like L.A., the smaller towns chasing fortunes in tax revenue seem incredibly willing to open their doors up to non-resident entrepreneurs.

Los Angeles attorney Hilary Bricken noted, these smaller towns really want the economic boost so theyre not putting up these barriers to entry that other towns are. These smaller rural, desert communities are wooing anyone.

Things are going to get really lucrative out west next month.

East Coast Green

In other pot related news. The east coast is not without its share of exciting opportunity either.

New Jerseys new governor is all for pot.

In wake of the recent gubernatorial election in New Jersey, marijuana entrepreneurs are already ramping up to be first movers in the new potential market.

The state of course cannot begin the legalisation process until 2018, but the governor-elect is strongly pro-pot and has promised to enact a recreational marijuana bill within his first 100 days in office.

As Marijuana Business Daily reports, things look to be well ahead of schedule too. An adult use bill already drafted by New Jersey Senator Nicholas Scutari will serve as the framework for the new legalization.

New Jersey represents a huge market with a dense populace. The numbers would be close to, if not greater than the value of Californias cannabis economy. Which means were talking multiple billions of dollars.

Making things even more enticing in this potential market is many of the current medical marijuana labs and facilities have ties to the region.

For example, Terra Tech, a marijuana company with multiple facilities in California and Nevada, built a five-acre greenhouse facility in New Jersey in 2013, as reported by Marijuana Business Daily.

Businesses with links to the region could streamline efforts to create a pot footprint greatly, making return on investments much more lucrative.

The next 100 days are going to move fast. It’s not a chance worth missing either.

Following the money, its best to get ahead of the game and look to Garden State based cannabis companies for new pot riches to kick off 2018.

For Tomorrows Trends Today,

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco

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