Just for You: Three Red-Hot Stocks Rocketing Higher on Risk Appetite

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Chris JohnsonChris Johnson

The S&P 500 overcame the odds to close higher yesterday, and – man, oh man – am I looking for the volume to kick in to start a proper bull run.

What signs am I seeing that we’re ready for a move higher? Volume is starting to creep up, the S&P 500 is up above the important 2,800 level – remember, the more zeros, the more support.

As for the rest – well, I’ll let my must-see charts do the talking. And they’ll reveal three companies I think everyone should own right now to bag some bullish gains…

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Chris JohnsonChris Johnson

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Chris Johnson is a quant – he’s obsessed with building and perfecting mathematical models that allow him to predict, with startling accuracy, the direction of the markets, entire sectors, and individual securities. For the last year, he’s been researching and building a new system that lets him move swiftly in and out of the hottest stocks in the market for life-changing gains – entirely on his own terms. The results of his newly-minted Night Trader system are nothing short of amazing.

Chris also contributes to Money Morning as the Quant Analysis Specialist.

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