JetBlue Drops Prices as Low as $44

JetBlue Airways Corp. (NASDAQ: JBLU) is having a sale for spring travelers. On some routes, one-way tickets are as low as $44. On a very large number, the fares are below $100.

As is the case with many very low fares, JetBlue’s have a number of restrictions. These include when the tickets are booked, which in the case of this sale is March 22, only a day from now. Travelers must fly between April 4 and June 14. There are blackout dates, which run from April 8 to April 23 and from May 20 to May 31. These cover the heavily traveled periods during Easter and Memorial Day. Blackout dates also may fall on other days, depending on the route.

JetBlue’s sale covers some of the most heavily traveled routes. The $44 one-way tickets are available for New York to Boston flights, which are also covered by several airline shuttles and services. These flights depart and arrive in both LaGuardia and Newark, which are two of New York’s three main airports.

JetBlue actually has one $39 flight from Long Beach, California, to Reno, Nevada’s second largest gambling city.

A few of the rates are for less-traveled routes. These include onefrom Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale for $74 and another from Newark to Ft. Meyers for $99.

Almost all the fares are for travel from a small number of cities: New York; Orlando; San Diego; Tampa; Washington, D.C.; and West Palm Beach.

Often, low fares are a means to get travelers to book tickets on routes where there are restrictions, but where the restricted days are inconvenient. And JetBlue has large hubs in most of the sale cities, so it has a large amount of capacity, both in departures and arrivals, as well as aircraft.

As the promotion says:

Trade your Spring Fever for wing fever with a hot fare.

Hot, but very restricted.

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