Hot Value Stocks To Watch For 2018

A few years back, my tech-writer friends claimed AMD (NYSE:AMD) was, for all practical purposes, “dead” – “bankrupt in a few years” they muttered – but that is exactly what we look for in companies as a value investor. We want damaged goods that inherently have great leadership, great people, and great technology which are selling at a steep discount to the future value. AMD possesses all three, and while the stock price of the company has risen from its 1s and 2s range to 8 range, we still firmly believe the company and the stock price have room to grow.

The Why

True, AMD has not introduced a top-of-the-line processor in years. But it has put out plenty of minor refreshes on its failed Bulldozer core (on which this article was written). However, AMD is now introducing a new CPU named “Zen” that is destined to allow the company back into the high-end fight where it currently has virtually no presence. There are rumors and speculations that AMD’s Zen cannot compete with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). Frankly, in our opinion, it does not have to. With Zen, AMD can compete solely on price. Because it has no high-end product at the moment that can surpass Intel, this is the equivalent of entering a “new” market for it. Plus, it gives AMD a new architecture to build upon. Typically, in the CPU industry, one builds a product and then for the following years offers minor updates which increase speed/capacity, but if the initial architecture is a “dud,” the company can be stuck with that “dud” for years.

Hot Value Stocks To Watch For 2018: World Energy Solutions Inc(DE)

Advisors’ Opinion:


    Sometimes companies can change their stripes. That may the case for Deere (DE).

    The company had faced a weak market due to declining agriculture sales and a strong dollar. “It was difficult to get enthusiastic about Deere,” Cramer said.

  • [By JJ Kinahan]

    Another stock getting a boost was Deere & Company (NYSE: DE), whose shares climbed 3 percent in pre-market trading after beating Wall Street analysts’ estimates for earnings and revenue. The company cited improvement in both its farm and construction equipment business. Though earnings season is pretty much over, the last stragglers keep coming in with red-hot results.

  • [By Casey Wilson]

    Since farming is such an equipment-intense activity, investors can profit by making investments in the agricultural equipment manufacturers, like Deere & Co. (NYSE: DE), the company behind the iconic John Deere brand.

  • [By Elizabeth Balboa]

    In fact, Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) attributed quarterly margin weakness to steel costs. Johnson affirmed that prices are presently artificially high amid fears of Trump’s 232 tariff investigation, which disincentivizes domestic producers from buying and importing steel, and aggressive stimulus in China.

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) reported better-than-expected results for its fourth quarter on Wednesday.

    Deere reported Q4 earnings of $1.57 per share on revenue of $8.018 billion. However, analysts were expecting a profit of $1.47 per share on sales of $7.05 billion.

Hot Value Stocks To Watch For 2018: Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (HRELF)

Advisors’ Opinion:


    The main business units of the Hong Leong Asia are the Diesel Engines Unit – China Yuchai , the Consumer Products Unit – Henan Xinfei (now marketed as “Frestec”), and the Building Materials Unit – BMU. The other business units in the company are the Industrial Packaging Unit – Rex and the Air-conditioning Systems Unit – Airwell. As the majority of the business units namely Yuchai, Xinfei and Airwell, operate in China (more than 80% of total revenue), the continual slowdown of the economic growth in China coupled with increasing competition has adversely affected both the revenue and the profitability. Particularly for the consumer products unit, its small scale has severely impacted its competitiveness given aggressive larger players like Haier (OTCPK:HRELF), Midea, Feilong Electric, and Hefei Meiling.


    2. Appliance Sale – This is another operating segment that the company did not consider core to its business, so management sold the segment to Haier (OTCPK:HRELF) for over $5b. The benefit: Additional capital can be allocated to the core operational areas.

Hot Value Stocks To Watch For 2018: Lincoln National Corporation(LNC)

Advisors’ Opinion:


    * The market bent yesterday but today it stabilized. (A good showing, all things being considered–but in no way decisive going forward).
    * Gold +$5/oz.
    * Crude oil +$0.50 and the rise is taking up some energy stocks.
    * The Russell returned to the spotlight.
    * Life insurance–particularly Lincoln National (LNC) (on an upgrade). Hartford Financial Services (HIG) gets a small lift.
    * Retail returned from the depths. The standouts–L Brands (LB) , Kohl’s (KSS) , Bed Bath (BBBY) , Nordstrom (JWN) and Gap (GPS) .
    * Ag equipment–after an analyst upgrade yesterday.
    * Brokerages.
    * Homebuilders catch a bid.
    * Day one of the Masters Golf Tournament.

  • [By Lee Jackson]

    Lincoln National Corp. (NYSE: LNC) also had the man at the top selling stock last week. Dennis Glass, the CEO of this insurance and retirement focused company, sold a block of 75,000 shares at between $71.00 and $71.28 apiece. The total for the sale was posted at $5 million. Shares closed Friday at $71.69, in a 52-week rangeof $34.16 to $73.71. The consensus price target is $73.17.

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