Hot Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now

The 10-year Treasury yield on Wednesday surged the most in three years to trade above 2%, a level not seen since January, on expectations Donald Trump will significantly boost fiscal spending, adding to the countrys debt burden.

Right now, its a fear trade, said Kevin Giddis, head of fixed-income capital markets at Raymond James. While it is very early and most are trying to understand the forward thinking, the general perception is that a Donald Trump presidency will take us further into debt and ultimately be inflationary, affecting the values of all debt, including Treasurys.

Hot Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now: TransEnterix, Inc.(TRXC)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Jim Robertson]

    On Friday, four out of ten of the worst performing small cap stocks had double digit losses due to announcing public stock offerings:

    Medical device stock Transenterix Inc (NYSEMKT: TRXC) sank 40.37% after announcing a $24.9 million offeringand the pricing of its public offering of units, each consisting of one share of the Companys common stock, one Series A warrant to purchase one share of common stock and one Series B warrant to purchase 0.75 shares of common stock at a price of $1.00 per unit:

  • [By Lee Jackson]

    Ahuge 10% owner of TransEnterix Inc. (NYSE: TRXC) camein and bought more shares last week. SOFAR SpA added3,722,685 more shares of the medical device companys stock at a reported $1.40 apiece. The total for the trade was posted at $5,226,650.

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Transenterix Inc (NASDAQ: TRXC) was down, falling around 38 percent to $0.681. TransEnterix reported the pricing of $24.9 million public offering of common stock and warrant.

Hot Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Starbucks Corporation(SBUX)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Stark Merrifield]

    Another company Fitz-Gerald is watching is Starbucks Corp. (Nasdaq: SBUX).

    The company is expanding its presence in China — it plans to have more than 5,000 stores opened by 2021 — a 1,150% increase from the 400 SBUX stores local to China in 2011. It also intends to install a 30,000-square-foot premium roaster on West Nanjing Road in Shanghai’s shopping district.


    The Starbucks (SBUX) inside Trump Tower has seen traffic drop dramatically. The shop’s usual customers, deterred by the barricades, armed guards and bomb-sniffing dogs outside, are getting their caffeine fix elsewhere.


    Wall Street traders may be scared about what life will be like for Starbucks (SBUX) without Howard Schultz as CEO, but they should chill out a bit. 

  • [By Mark Fritz]

    Like Apple, Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) is currently appealing an EU Commission decision holding it liable for about $35.8 million in back taxes in the Netherlands.


    There are obvious similarities between McDonald’s (MCD) and Starbucks (SBUX). The global fast serve giants are ubiquitous from U.S. to China and nearly everywhere in between.

  • [By Asit Sharma]

    Sure, this is only a test, but it’s the antithesis of the company’s recent strategy, which is to differentiate itself from mammoth competitors like McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) and Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) through a never-ending cycle of rapid menu innovation. The recently introduced “Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich,” which Dunkin’ describes as a culinary mashup, is a fine example of how the risk-taking chain makes even Starbucks’ food innovation look timid.

Hot Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Avangrid, Inc.(AGR)

Advisors’ Opinion:


    Avangrid (AGR) was formed late last year by the merger of New England-based utility UIL Holdings (UIL) with the U.S. subsidiary of the Spanish utility giant Iberdrola SA (IBRDY).


    For his “Executive Decision” segment, Cramer sat down with James Torgerson, CEO of Avangrid (AGR) , the wind-power utility which just posted a three-cents-a-share earnings beat. Shares of Avangrid are up 10% for the year with a 4% dividend yield.

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