Green and Growing in Las Vegas

Last weekend I enjoyed a wonderful stay at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its right on the Vegas Strip, famous for its world-class casinos.

I wasnt there to gamble however.

My reason for being in Vegas was to see whats going on in the booming cannabis industry.

My goal was to attend the largest cannabis trade show of the year and find the next best moneymaking opportunities for you.

Believe me when I say it. Theres a ton of opportunity out there.

Marijuana is Big Business

Hundreds of exhibitors were on display.

I talked to a number of entrepreneurs and investors about the latest developments in this budding industry. All with a focus on finding the best investment opportunities.

Needless to say its been a lot of fun!

Ray Blanco

Whats really astonishing though is how big this industry has become.

Cannabis is BIG business.

When I say its big business Im not just talking about companies growing or selling the plant or its extracts either. Im also talking about all the businesses needed to support them.

Everything from services like insurance and security to products such as grow lights, packaging and processing equipment.

But thats not all.Theres been thousands of jobs created that wouldnt otherwise exist. All part of the greater sphere of influence legal marijuana has created.

pot tech

When taking in the scale of this convention I see an industry thats far too big for us to go back to the days of prohibition.

Were past the point of no return.

Cannabis has already grown into a multibillion dollar market in the U.S.Even better, were set for many more years of strong growth.

In the long run, I believe the potential for this business is much greater than just legal highs. Mounting evidence suggests that the cannabis plants properties wont just be wealth creators they will be health protectors and life extenders.

Smoking Away the Old Age

As we get older, our immune system functions differently. This occurs as pro-inflammatory molecules, called cytokines, are released in greater quantities than when we were young, leading to many age-related inflammatory diseases.

Essentially, an overactive immune condition leads to the destruction and replacement of cells inside our tissues. The increased inflammatory wear and tear accelerates the aging process further, leading to eventual failure. It also diverts immune system resources away from its principle purpose: protecting the body from foreign invasion by pathogens or internal subversion by cancerous cells.

The process has been called inflammaging.

Thanks to past research into the biological properties of cannabis, weve discovered a vast molecular signaling network present inside of our bodies. Cannabis compounds are now known to modify the activity of the immune system by interacting with this network.

Clinical trials studying cannabinoids in specific health conditions show that it can even have a braking effect on the immune system, reducing inflammation.

What weve learned from the cannabis plant could one day supply us with the know-how to create powerful anti-inflammatory therapies. By slowing the inflammaging process, we could enjoy longer healthier life spans.

This in turn would positively influence how long we can have active lives, as well as make a big dent in age-related health care expenses.

The impact of healthy, productive older people on the economy as a whole would be huge.

The profit opportunity behind a medical breakthrough like this could be even bigger.

More to come soon!

For Tomorrows Trends Today,

Ray Blanco
forThe Daily Reckoning

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