Equinox Supermoon March 2019: 7 Things for Stargazers to Know

Things begin to bloom in March and it’s happening with more beauty than before in 2019 with the equinox “supermoon” happening tomorrow evening for stargazers to enjoy.

Equinox Supermoon March 2019Equinox Supermoon March 2019 Source: Shutterstock

They’re calling it the equinox supermoon because the vernal equinox — which marks the beginning of spring — and a supermoon — a phenomenon in which the moon appears bigger and brighter — will happen on the same evening. Here are seven things to know ahead of the Wednesday astronomical event:

The equinox will happen at 5:58 p.m. EST tomorrow, while the supermoon (which will also happen during a full moon) will be on the same day at 9:43 p.m. EST. During the equinox, the sun’s rays will shine directly to where the equator is located and most areas of the planet will have the same amount of daylight and darkness on the day. The equinox supermoon will appear to be 30% brighter than most full moons, as well as 14% bigger. This is because the moon is about 14,000 miles closer to the Earth than it usually is as our planet’s orbit does not happen in a circle. The moment when the moon is closes to the Earth is called a perigee, and a supermoon happens when the full moon and a perigee line up. Expect the moon to be a sight to behold on the eastern horizon late in the afternoon. The moon will also look bigger and brighter on Tuesday night and Thursday after the sun goes down.

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