Bitcoin Is The Religion, But Ripple Would Pack Higher Return

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Investors looking to venture into the cryptocurrency market may want to set their sights on buying alternative crypto assets as opposed to just buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin is coming off of an all-time high of just under $20,000 and currently trades at a price of $8,200. Should Bitcoin return to its previous all-time highs, investors that purchase today will receive an ROI of 140%. That&s;s not bad if you&s;re comparing this return to the average returns in the equities market, for example.

But there are many other crypto assets that have the potential for greater ROI should they return back to their original all-time highs. Investors may want to take a closer look at Ripple&a;rsquo;s XRP, a blockchain solution that has the potential to revolutionize the banking system as we know it. Currently trading close to $0.70 coming off on an all-time high of just over $3.30, XRP has the potential to gift investors with a whopping 300% return, if the asset makes its way back to its peak. It&a;rsquo;s very well possible!

Ripple makes many products backed by blockchain technology with an impressive lineup of clients ranging from big-name banks and well-known payment providers. The goal is to make cross-border payments more efficient for these large banks and payment providers that are sending billions of dollars around the world each and every day. XRP is Ripple&a;rsquo;s cryptocurrency that can be used as a payment method, making it much easier for banks and other institutions to send money around the world. It can help reduce the cost of moving large sums of money on a global scale. According to Ripple, XRP should be thought of as a bridge currency between various fiat currencies. The idea is for a person, for example in the United States to convert his/her USD into XRP and send it to the recipient to be converted back to the currency of their choice. This can massively reduce the time and cost of having money stuck in different currencies in accounts at many different banks. Ripple&a;rsquo;s products adoption is quickly gaining ground among some major players in the industry. Perhaps the type of momentum XRP needs to once again reach a new all-time high.

Ripple first started gaining positive traction after its slump from around $3.30 as Uphold, a platform with 3 billion worth of transactions, that enabled members to purchase XRP with zero fees. In addition, Ripple has snatched partnerships with &l;a href=&q;; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;Santander&l;/a&g;, SBI Holdings, and LianLian International – all significant players in their respective industries. This enables Ripple to be more widely adopted and more common to the average citizen. LianLian is a major payment system in China, and as the Chinese middle class grows, the frequency of payments is expected to rise. Ripple can help alleviate technological problems in this case. The Ripple-LianLian partnership is only one of the many examples of Ripple&a;rsquo;s huge potential. Just recently&a;nbsp; Ripples&a;rsquo;s rapid product is being tested by some of the top money transfer companies in the world including &l;a href=&q;; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;MoneyGram&l;/a&g;, Mercure FX, IDT Corporation, and Cuallix Mercadotecnia. It is stated that over 100 financial institutions ranging from banks and payment providers wish to begin using and benefiting from Ripple&a;rsquo;s many blockchain based solutions.

It seems as if the outlook is more bullish for Ripple as we head deeper into 2018. However, it is important to keep in mind, if Ripple&s;s integration fails in its target industry or if there is any failure in the proof of concept, Ripple would be one of the crypto-coins that would bring a lot of bad press for the cryptomarket. Having said this, the world would look very different in a few years due to the blockchain technology. The technology is going to change the shape and picture of the world, just like the internet did. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple enabled entrepreneurs to create more disruptive products, for instance, 0chain, which is providing fast decentralized storage solutions matching current cloud providers at zero cost.

As the larger crypto-market gains more confidence and positivity, Ripple&a;rsquo;s valuation should grow in tandem with the overall value of the cryptocurrency market. To recap, Ripple to date is trading around $0.70, whilst its all-time highs were closer to $3.30, marking a potential 5.44x growth. Bitcoin, on the other hand, only has around 1-1.5x, comparing its current price to previous all-time highs. Assuming both assets gain traction and march closer to their previous highs, XRP would pack a much larger return on investment. Compared to Bitcoin, Ripple&a;rsquo;s XRP is cheap and it attracts more retail investors with smaller accounts, therefore any bull move in the cryptomarket favours Ripple.&a;nbsp; Bitcoin, on the other hand, has also become more of an index of blockchain and cryptocurrency confidence. Its growth correlates with the overall growth of the crypto-community, instead of its own competencies. Hence, Bitcoin&a;rsquo;s price action could have a hard time keeping up with the growth of XRP.

As the cryptocurrency market begins to break out of its current bear trend, perhaps investors should be keener on investment options such as the XRP. With the enormous growth opportunities and the sheer size of Ripple&a;rsquo;s target market, it can almost seem as if the sky is truly the limit for this cryptocurrency. If large institutions and payment providers deem Ripple&a;rsquo;s integration a success, the disruption and progression of an entire industry could be on the horizon. The positivity around the coin, combined with new partnerships with industry leaders, not only proves Ripple&a;rsquo;s legitimacy and institutions confidence, but further shows the possibility of Ripple making its way back to all-time highs and beyond.

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