Baron Opportunity Fund 1st Quarter Shareholder Letter

Shares of electric vehicle company Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) rose during the first quarter on the back of several positive developments. In January, Tesla officially launched cell and battery production at the Gigafactory, one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities, which will potentially drive significant electric battery cost reductions. On its fourth quarter earnings call, Tesla forecast 47,000 to 50,000 first half deliveries of its Model S and X vehicles, an increase of 65%. Moreover, Tesla announced that it remains on target for a 2017 launch of its mass market Model 3, potentially the largest product cycle in history, with initial production slated to begin this summer. In March, Tesla raised almost $1.4 billion of capital, strengthening its balance sheet to support investments ahead of the Model 3 launch. Additionally, the company’s SolarCity acquisition is on track, showing less cash drain than initially feared by investors. Finally, we believe a pro-U.S. jobs administration is a tailwind for Tesla as it is one of North America’s fastest growing employers. (Ishay Levin/Gilad Shany)

From the Baron Opportunity Fund first quarter 2017 shareholder letter.

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