3 Hot Reads From TheStreet’s Top Premium Columnists

Markets were significantly higher on Thursday, as tensions over a U.S. strike against Syria appeared to ease, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg departed Capitol Hill with his company’s market cap up over $17 billion, and President Trump said a NAFTA deal is closer.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors:

Jim Cramer: Possible Jarring Events Will Be Hard for the Market to Ignore

TheStreet’s Jim Cramer opines, “Conventional wisdom? Tell me something I don’t know? Or totally jarring. That’s what I am trying to figure out about Syria and the possibility of a special prosecutor firing. Let’s puzzle over these.”

“…I think that if you haven’t put money to work during this recent downturn it pays to wait to see how things shake out, even as we should expect what will be considered jarring events by those not paying as close attention to the markets as we do,” Cramer adds.

One Stealth Stock Trade You Must Make After Facebook’s Congressional Grilling

“After two days of somewhat mind-numbing testimony by Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill, Action Alerts PLUS holding Facebook (FB) is free to return to its day-to-day activity of gathering data as the hub of social media,” according to Real Money Pro columnist Timothy Collins.

“Based on the line of questioning, some of which felt rambling and not at all pertinent, I’m not sure if we’ll see any changes in how Facebook operates,” says Collins. “If we do, it may revolve around the advertising moat we see. This leads me to believe that an independent demand side platform could come into play.”

His favorite name in the space? The Trade Desk (TTD) .

Against All Odds, This Retail Stock Continues to Show Impressive Strength

Real Money columnist Robert Lang says that while retail “has certainly had its challenges over the past couple of years, between difficulties in the mall and then the big gorilla in the room, Action Alerts PLUS holding Amazon (AMZN) …there are a handful of names that continue to perform well, one of those is At Home Group (HOME) .

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